Jason Wellwood

Crisis – Armed To The Teeth/Kick It Out

Crisis do have some early metal influences happening though the majority of what you’ll hear is hard rock driven material. The guitar owes as much to the 60’s British Invasion sound as it does NWOBHM, which is to say that it’s catchy but not exactly metal and not overly memorable either.

Hate Eternal – Phoenix Amongst the Ashes

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the casual death metal fan (if there really are any) will find Phoenix Amongst the Ashes hard to swallow. There isn’t anything cool or ‘hip’ to grab on to here, and it will make many of the mall metal fans run screaming from Hot Topic if it comes on during a shopping trip.

MAAX – Six Pack Witchcraft

“‘Six Pack Witchcraft’ is a full speed ahead, red lining, sing-a-long track that will have you pounding your fist on the bar, and possibly your pint glass as well. For ‘Go F*** Yourself’ the band moves back into a more old school black metal feel with production so thick you’d almost think the band had recorded with the microphones set up on the other side of a mattress.”

Jason Wellwood reviews the latest album from MAAX, a blackened rock and roll album reminiscent of Motorhead vs Darkthrone.