Jason Wellwood

Titan’s Eve – The Divine Equal

“Titan’s Eve manage to sound like seasoned veterans, no subtle nods to the old school or blatant attempts to make ‘nouveau’ thrash are present although it’s obvious that the band has done its homework. It’s also obvious that the band is ambitious: their debut album is a concept album based on The Book of Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost.”

Jason Wellwood reviews the independently released debut from Titan’s Eve, entitled “The Divine Equal”.

Hellbound audio interview: David Gold (WOODS OF YPRES)

In early March Jason Wellwood had the chance to interview WOODS OF YPRES main man David Gold about the recent Earache re-release of their last album WOY 4: The Green Album. Here is that audio interview, which was originally broadcast on the radio station CILU FM in Thunder Bay, ON in its entirety.

Black Space Riders – Black Space Riders

Black Space Riders certainly know what sound they are going for and with only one minor misstep on this album I’d say they’ve found it. The music isn’t too spacey to deter fans of more doom styled stoner rock nor is it too doomy for the rock crowd. Is the music a case of trying to please everyone? Perhaps, but in this instance it really works.

Stratovarius – Elysium

Unfortunately Elysium (the album) fails to meet the expectations that Polaris set out. I really wanted to love this album and gave it more listens than normal but I came out loving parts and feeling very ambiguous about others. The band has managed to create an awesome half record, while the rest is ‘okay’. That said it’s a damn sight better than the Elements albums!

Murder Construct: The Hellbound Audio Interview

Murder Construct is the name of a new Los Angeles based grind outfit featuring members of Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, Fatalist, Intronaut and others. Originally conceived nearly ten years ago by guitarist Leon del Muerte, the band recently released their first seven song EP through Relapse Records. Jason Wellwood recently had the chance to speak to Leon del Muerte over the phone, the results of which can be heard below.

Motörhead – Orgasmatron

Track after track of Orgasmatron delivers everything you could expect from a Motörhead record: fuzz, the distinct, violent and sexual, cigarette ravaged vocals of Lemmy, solos to air guitar along with, groove to shake your ass to, and power to pump your fist to.