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Introducing Blasphemous Meals: A heavy metal culinary lesson through Annick Giroux’s Hellbent For Cooking

“Hellbent for Cooking is a compilation of culinary classics of every culture from metal bands and artists around the world. It is a celebration of a simple yet exciting marriage between music and cuisine, where Giroux proves that the portrayal of metalheads being junkfood-lovers false.

I have decided to record my thoughts and experiences while cooking my way through Hellbent for Cooking, also providing my view on the bands that graciously donated their recipes.”

New Blasphemy Blog entry by Ola Mazzuca.

Eclectika – Dazzling Dawn

Straying away from being genre-specific, Eclectika tackle the many traits of what it means to be an experimental metal band, but is it too much of an attempt? Though obscure, the band is not out to lunch but certainly eclectic and only for the open-minded.

Hellbound.ca’s TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2010, Part One

We asked all of the contributing writers here at Hellbound.ca to submit their Top 10 albums of 2010, which we then compiled into a master list, assigning points to all their choices (10 points for #1, down to 1 point for #10). After tabulating the results, we have created Hellbound.ca’s Top 20 Albums of 2010. For part one of our continuing series, here is albums #20 through 16…

At The Soundawn – Shifting

Meravigliosamente malinconico (beautifully melancholic) is the best way to describe At The Soundawn as Shifting is an intensely refreshing listen, leaving you with moments of nostalgia to acrylic imagery of future endeavours.

Kataklysm – Heaven’s Venom

“One great aspect of the music of Kataklysm lies in its applicable lyrical content and fan connection by constant consideration of live performance. Tracks “Push The Venom” and “Hail The Renegade” have that moshpit-ready tone evoking imagery of successful stage presence with a responsive thrashing audience. It is important to decipher the differences between artists made for small-venue to large stadium shows or, on the contrary, zero desire to tour at all.”

Kataklysm’s latest death metal offering is discussed by Ola Mazzuca.

STAFF PLAYLISTS: September 2010


Find out what HELLBOUND’s contributors have been listening to during the month of September. Almost every writer has submitted their Top 5 list and have an option to list a book and a film they are into right now too