Otargos – No God No Satan

By Ola Mazzuca

“No God, No Satan” could be another way of saying “No Pain, No Gain”, right? I mean, if you really put it into perspective, there cannot be one without the other. This is up for heavy argument, but to many individuals this is usually a general and common thought.

Stepping aside from philosophical ideas on the concept and intent of a traditional black metal album, Bordeaux, France’s Otargos have returned to produce a brooding fourth full-length release that tips its hat to the BM greats of Norway all the while sticking to a style that seems to hit a flatline.

The satanic marching anthem of album opener “Hoax-Virus-God” is dreary with slow, raspy chants that flow into the fluctuating “Cloning The Divine”, where clear guitar notes and slow intervals set the album’s pace, its music video of short film-esque production disturbing yet worthy of a watch.

Otargos embody the many fine qualities of a traditional Euro black  metal band, but in order to achieve a more hard-hitting effect, some newer elements might add balance to darkness that could shed some light, forming sounds that keep one’s attention at a quicker pace. Then “New Stuff, Better Response” might be the result.

(Season of Mist)

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