How NOT to promote your Austrian stoner rock band…

For a moment there, I thought I had hit the jackpot. All these attractive young women were adding me on Facebook–and they appeared to be into heavy rock too, what with names like Lilly Rockgrrl and Rocksy Stoner. But then I found out it was all a ruse, perpetrated by the management of an Austrian stoner rock band…

Black Pyramid – II

But is it a step forward, or backwards? That all depends on your perception. I, for one, don’t dig this as much as the first album, and am certainly curious as to which direction the band will take with a new frontman/axeman. One thing is certain, though. Black Pyramid III won’t be a blind buy for me…

Snail – Blood

Snail isn’t your typical tune-in-and-drop-out stoner band. There’s something more interesting in this collection of tunes, something in that juxtaposition of the sweet vocals and heavy riffs that has my head nodding in approval.

SardoniS – s/t

The songs, like the lineup of the band itself, seem a tad underdeveloped, like a reasonably well-produced demo tape made to audition a bassist and/or singer. I doubt that stoner/doom minded musicians are in great abundance in Belgium, but the band would benefit from both in my belief

Humo del Cairo – s/t

Humo del Cairo (Egyptian Smoke!?) is a primarily instro trio from Argentina, with occasional vocals provided in Spanish. You can hear shades of Kyuss (check out “Panorama”), The Jimi Hendrix Experience (“Nimbo” and the opening of “Fuego de San Antonio”), their Argentinian countrymen in Los Natas—or even Sergio Ch’s side-project Ararat (the harmonica and chanting of “Errantes” wouldn’t sound outta place on Musica
de la Resistencia…).

Ararat: Musica de la Resistencia

South of the equator, one band single-handedly put stoner rock on the map: Argentina’s Los Natas. With their latest release, Nuevo Orden de la Libertad signalling a return to their heavy-rockin’ roots after some psychedelic detours, frontman Sergio Chotsourian lets his experimental side show with side-project Ararat.