Ghost – Prequelle

After three years, Ghost have released their fourth full-length album, Prequelle. After how much I enjoyed their previous work, Meliora (2015) especially, I had…

No, I’m not going to see Ghost again…

Alas, when I saw Ghost the first time around, they only had the debut album to draw from. I was quite surprised at how many kids were both moshing and singing along to the likes of “Elizabeth” and “Satan’s Prayer,” but their performance didn’t strike such a chord with me….

Ancient VVisdom: A Godlike Inferno

A Godlike Inferno is a grand, cloven-footed romp. Having one foot in the metal camp, and one in the alt-folk and rock camp, gives the album wider crossover appeal—although potential listeners might struggle somewhat with Opposition’s satanic fervency

Heritage Hunter Snacks

Opeth / Mastodon / Ghost @ Sony Centre, Toronto ON, April 7, 2012

“Most readers of Hellbound are probably familiar with the typical metal venue – sticky floors, questionable washrooms, a dimly lit stage, and a sound system that only the most experienced sound engineers can master. But every once in awhile, we get treated to a special show, where a venue has as much to do with the atmosphere as the performance itself. Saturday’s Heritage Hunter Tour stop in Toronto, which took place at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, was one of these rare occurrences, and believe me, this was indeed something special.”

Live review and photos by Adam Wills.