AMMO – Taking the Throne

Ammo‘s debut EP, Taking the Throne opens with one hell of a banger, “Tombstone City”. The opening track evokes heavy influences from the NWOBHM. The entire album is brimming with dual guitar melodies, powerful lyrics and driving rhythms.

By the time I reached the title track, this strength quickly became played out. Sadly, “Taking The Throne” may be the weakest track on the album, unable to reach out of the opening tracks shadow. From there on, frankly the album lost me.. All due respect to the band, who are clearly talented musicians, songwriters and performers, I fear that they may get lost in the ranks of countless other NWOBHM inspired bands. All in all a solid debut album from an unsigned band. The production quality for a debut EP is wonderful. I look forward to watching the band grow from here.

AMMO hits the stage December 13th at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto for their album release show. Meanwhile Taking the Throne drops digitally October 25th and physically on November 11th.

I'm a lifelong metal head and photographer. My favorite bands are Annihilator, Anvil and Death.

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