All That Remains, Lacuna Coil, Bad Omens

All That Remains

Disease of The Anima Tour, October 1, 2019 

The Regent Theater, Los Angeles

Bad Omens, an American Metalcore band from Richmond, Virginia formed in 2015. With members Noah Sebastian (lead vocals), Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson (lead guitar, vocals), Nicholas Ruffilo (bass, backing vocals), and Nick Folio (drums). This group started with a bang and continues to amaze their fans with how far they have come and are going. They opened their set with their song “Mercy”, which really was the only way to start. As a group, these guys work so well together to make an amazing show. Noah, Jolly, and Nicholas all showed that even being dressed in a nice button up, you could rock out just as hard, maybe even harder. Nick however, proved that being a drummer is hard work by getting shirtless just to cool off. These guys are worth seeing anytime they perform, so don’t miss your chance if they are in your area.

This band first started off known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal, but they are now known as the amazing Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil, an Italian Goth Metal band from Milan, formed in 1994. If you want a strong leading woman with an out of this world voice, this band is for you. Cristina Scabbia (female vocals), Andrea Ferro (male vocals), Marco Coti Zelati (bass, keyboard), Diego “Didi” Cavalotti (guitar), and Richard Meiz (drums). When it comes to putting on a show, this band not only has the talent but also the look. Marco, Didi, and Richard have some of the most outrageous makeup that it makes watching them rock out that much more fun. Not to mention, Cristina and Andrea have similar styles that go so well together. This band is wonderful, there’s no wonder they have such a huge fan base. The fans of this band are crazy, in the best way possible. There is so much love for this group, and they deserve it all. Once you listen, you will not regret.

All That Remains, an American Heavy Metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1998. Philip Labonte (lead vocals), Jason Richardson (lead guitar), Mike Martin (rhythm guitar), Aaron Patrick (bass, backing vocals), and Jason Costa (drums). Now for this band, what better way to open than with “This Calling”. Go hard or go home must have been the motive because they killed it immediately. These guys really know how to put on a show and give it their all, and from the crowd’s reaction they did not disappoint. The energy level this group possesses is beyond words, and what makes it better is the energy they get back from their fans. Old and new fans will always rock out as soon as they hear All That Remains. They are a band that will keep you head banging till you can’t head bang anymore.

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