August Burns Red – Toronto, 25 June 2019

REBEL filled quickly with fans of all ages to see August Burns Red, Silverstein, and Silent Planet and to celebrate their mutual love of music. Whether you grew up over the last 20 years listening to these truly inspirational bands or were attending your very first concert, the atmosphere was uplifting and ready for the intensity that was to follow. 

In honour of the 10th anniversary of their album Constellations, August Burns Red played the album from beginning to end for Toronto, ON fans. Stopping mid-set to encourage concert-goers to never give up on their goals, vocalist Jake Luhrs stepped up to play bass for “Meridian,” which was then followed by a flawless and brutal solo by legendary drummer Matt Greiner. The energy was just as vibrant as it was when the album was originally released.

Silverstein returned to their hometown to play for new fans and loyal ‘since the beginning of Southern Ontario Hardcore’ supporters. Performing such classic hits as “Smile in Your Sleep”, and closing their set with “The After Glow,” they will be returning in 2020 to celebrate their very own 20th Anniversary Tour.

Setting high standards for the entire night, Silent Planet sent chills down spines with Garett Russell’s beautifully haunting lyrics that have been inspired by his personal struggles with mental health. | |

Presented by Collective Concerts.

Photos by Travis Johnston. Text by Alana Kane.

Toronto photographer, wanna be drummer and a metalhead.