Brant Bjork – Jacoozzi


It’s always a good day for stoner rock when Brant Bjork releases a new record—although this isn’t really a new, new record, and it isn’t your typical Brant Bjork record, either. Recorded in 2010, Jacoozzi is just Brant jammin’ with himself, playing all the instruments like he did on Jalamanta, his solo debut from ’99…albeit with no vocals (until the last song) and a few more jazz/funk influences.

The 47-minute album kicks off with some funky, jazzy drumming on “Can’t Outrun the Sun,” as a bit of a warbling riff takes hold. This is about as mellow as desert rock gets – think Yawning Man more than Kyuss – although it meanders on a bit too long at a shade under eight minutes. The guitar riff on “Guerrilla Funk” wouldn’t sound outta place on Brant’s most recent record, although this one’s another extended cut, clocking it at 7:20, that throws in some bongos and at least one drum solo. The songs do get shorter from there, however.

After shuffling, three-and-a-half-minute cut “Mexico City Blues,” and a 43-second drum solo interlude, “Black & White Wonderland” offers a mellow, pleasant-sounding detour. This could be in the soundtrack to some National Geographic special or something. And speaking of soundtracks, the funky stomp of “Oui” could probably appear retroactively in a 70’s skin flick. Groovy!

(Heavy Psych Sounds)

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