HELLBOUND’S Best of 2018: Canadian metal

Hellbound's Best Canadian Metal of 2018

As a Canadian-based music site, we here at Hellbound pride ourselves in shining the spotlight on Canadian metal when we can. Each year it seems to get easier to come up with a list of great metal releases, and harder to narrow that list down to what might be considered the best of the best.

Any such list is inevitably a product of individual tastes and also limited by which releases came to our attention and when. You’ll get a clear sense of this as we post our contributors’ individual picks over the coming days. If we missed any of the great Canadian albums rocking your lives over the past year, let us know!


Borealis - The Offering

20. The Offering

  • Artist: Borealis
  • Label: AFM

Astrakhan - Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed

19. Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed

  • Artist: Astrakhan
  • Label: self-released

Dopethrone - Transcanadian Anger

18. Transcanadian Anger

  • Artist: Dopethrone
  • Label: self-released

Blackrat - Dread Reverence

17. Dread Reverence

  • Artist: Blackrat
  • Label: Shadow Kingdom

Striker - Play to Win

16. Play to Win

  • Artist: Striker
  • Label: Record Breaking

Augury - Illusive Golden Age

15. Illusive Golden Age

  • Artist: Augury
  • Label: The Artisan Era

Iomair - Iomair

14. Iomair

  • Artist: Iomair
  • Label: Infamous Butcher

Untimely Demise - No Promise of Tomorrow

13. No Promise of Tomorrow

  • Artist: Untimely Demise
  • Label: self-released

Outre-Tombe - Nécrovortex

12. Nécrovortex

  • Artist: Outre-Tombe
  • Label: Temple of Mystery


11. The Spark That Moves

  • Artist:Cancer Bats
  • Label:Bat Skull/New Damage

Skull Fist - Way of the Road

10. Way of the Road

  • Artist: Skull Fist
  • Label: NoiseArt Records

Smoulder - The Sword Woman

9. The Sword Woman

  • Artist: Smoulder
  • Label: Hoove Child

Altars of Grief - Iris

8. Iris

  • Artist: Altars of Grief
  • Label: Hypnotic Dirge

Black Wizard - Livin’ Oblivion

7. Livin’ Oblivion

  • Artist: Black Wizard
  • Label: Listenable

La Chinga - Beyond the Sky

6. Beyond the Sky

  • Artist: La Chinga
  • Label: Small Stone

Vile Creature - Cast of Static and Smoke

5. Cast of Static and Smoke

  • Artist: Vile Creature
  • Label: Halo of Flies/Dry Cough

Cauldron - New Gods

4. New Gods

  • Artist: Cauldron
  • Label: The End

KEN Mode - Loved

3. Loved

  • Artist: KEN Mode
  • Label: Season of Mist

Tomb Mold - Manor of Infinite Forms

2. Manor of Infinite Forms

  • Artist: Tomb Mold
  • Label: 20 Buck Spin

Voivod - The Wake

1. The Wake

  • Artist: Voivod
  • Label: Century Media