Redeemer – Global Exorcism

By Jason Wellwood

I’ve been aware of Redeemer for a few years now, having been sent a 3 song demo via the internet back in 2006. I missed the second demo release though apparently all the songs are included on this, the band’s debut full length, though I’m told the songs are much better produced here. It’s easy to believe that the production would be better on Global Exorcism as it was obviously done with an ear for exact sounds. It’s gritty sounding where it’s supposed to be and crisp where it needs to be. The drum sound is phenomenal, the bass drum pounds and the snare hits resonate instead of ‘thunking’ as so many other independently produced albums do. ‘Unhinged’ is a great example of what the band can do, with the vocals occasionally slipping from throat stripping growls into an impressively sung clean word or two, guitars chug and swirl then take you up to a point where you’d think they are going to shatter glass before slamming back down into a solid riff. This is followed up with the sludgey, doomy sounds of ‘Dark Passenger’ that will not only have you nodding along, but you may need to shower afterwards.

‘Slave Name’ is one hell of a catchy song, with a galloping crossover-thrash feel though Shane “Lord” Faulkner’s voice is definitely more on the hardcore side here (at least pacing wise) until he hits you with a cleanly sung “Freedom Now” chorus which is a very cool left turn. It’s obvious that Faulkner can do a clean, not so harsh vocal, but he’s still using it sparingly, and in just the right places. No fear of the band going metalcore here, that’s for sure! ‘Unquenchable’ is another favourite, lots of riffs, a Down/Pantera like growled passage with a melodic bridge…fantastic. It seems that Redeemer have found a solid line up and have put together some stunning, memorable songs. It may have been a long time coming but this is one hell of an impressive debut album.

(Death of the Earth)

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