Conversations With Neil Gaiman

Conversations With Neil Gaiman

One of the most interesting pieces is a 1987 interview/article that Neil did with Alan Moore. Moore notes the shoddy deal given by UK comics to its creators where their work is bought outright meaning they get no money from reprints, merchandise, film and computer game adaptations, etc. A most unfair state of affairs.

I recently enjoyed reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Norse Mythology. He is a great subject to interview; I’ve read several interviews with him over the years so this doesn’t surprise me. This book collects a series of interviews with Neil chronologically.

My favourite part of the book is a conversation between Neil and the late great Terry Pratchett, a great writer and a humanist, a sad loss to all. They wrote a superb book together called Good Omens, and when they talk about future projects it gets very poignant.

A must have for any fans of Neil Gaiman and his works.

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