Aepoch – Awakening Inception


Aepoch, the up-and-coming Canadian death metal group from Cambridge, Ontario have released a solid debut album to launch themselves to a place of recognition with some amazing riffs, composition, lyrics and flow. Brett MacIntosh, Kyle Edissi, Taylor Wroblewski and Greg Carvalho mix perfectly and their instruments lend very well to one another. The lyrics focus on some esoteric themes but some very personal experiences that in some way could be related to the former. The main thing about Awakening Inception is that each song has it’s own distinct and excellent sound and melodies. I can also add that they are absolutely amazing live, with the spotlight being on Kyle Edissi who absolutely steals the show in terms of stage presence, as I was in the crowd for their show at the Schwaben Club in Kitchener.

The thing about this album where I get mixed feelings are the vocals. Most of the record, they come off sounding like every other death metal band. I find it’s very hard to distinguish your voice in death metal these days. This definitely isn’t a detracting factor or me attempting to discourage you from purchasing or listening to this, because it is an amazing record with some very melodic songs. It’s just a slight feeling of disappointment for me personally.

This record is absolutely phenomenal in almost every way with some amazing songs. It keeps me coming back, never getting tired of the music. I can’t wait to see what Aepoch do next because I feel their second record will be the record where they truly find they’re footholds in every single aspect, and we are going to get a perfect album then.

7.0 Rating