The Second Coming of Heavy Chapter VIII (Ride the Sun/The Trikes split)


While I don’t think there’s been a bad installment in Ripple Music’s Second Coming of Heavy series, I’ve enjoyed certain editions more than others. These splits are usually best when both bands are of a similar vein—and from the pre-release singles, I would hafta say that Californians Ride the Sun and Germans The Trikes are pretty much two peas in a space pod.

This 41-minute full-length sees the bands split nine tracks, with Ride the Sun getting first dibs. “5 on 4” kicks things off with a mighty Dave Wyndorf-style wail, before settling in to a more-than-mid-paced stoner groove for about three minutes, before slowing down to slow ‘n heavy stoner doom territory for the last two. “Karma Wastes” is a straight-ahead heavy rocker, complete with cowbell, and a mellower, grungier chorus. “Get Bent” picks up the tempo a bit, with a gruff Orange Goblin/Motorhead vocal, while “Step to the Square” kicks things up another notch, a groovy punk ‘n roller that clocks in just over two-and-a-half minutes. “Bail” lands somewhere between Down and Monster Magnet, ending Side A on a pretty solid note.

The Trikes kick things off with “Sordid Love,” a bluesy, groovy, five-minute number with stop-start riffs and plenty of wah pedal. “Nowhere” dials up the blues guitar and smoky vocals, throwing in a head-nodding chorus riff for good measure. I dig the opening bass line of “Forgotten Sins,” which delivers a solid slow stoner-rock verse, culminating in a faster, catchy chorus and a heavy, groovy outro section. “Be Yourself” opens with a riff that screams Down, although it’s a little more uptempo, with a groovy stomping riff and a funky bass line… but that chorus wouldn’t sound outta place on NOLA, either. This might be my favourite track from either outfit on here.

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7.0 Rating