Limb – Saboteurs of the Sun

It’s always great to hear a band progress and grow organically. Limb’s song-writing has improved massively. Saboteurs of the Sun (a fine title by the way) has excellent catchy songs that form a cohesive and complementary whole as an album.

Limb have moved to territory previously occupied by Hawkwind, Monster Magnet and Mastodon, displaying imagination and inspiration but still keeping their own unique identity. For example, opening track “Wych Elm” is a powerful statement of intent. Russ Russell has done a grand job on the production of Saboteur of the Sun, successfully capturing lightning in a bottle.

Throughout the album there is a sense of swing and groove; there is no monotony in it’s rhythms as happens with so much music produced today. John Carpenter-esque keyboards add colour to the music. Drummer Tom Mowforth and bassist Sam Cooper keep that groove and power moving well at all times. Pat Pask proves himself a modern riff-master general, and Rob Hoey has that rarest of things, his own voice.

Overall, a band that deserve to do great things.

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