Hallux – Hallux

It would be fair to describe Hallux as a trend-free band. Hallux are a three-piece in the classic vein of Motorhead circa The Three Amigos line-up (Lemmy, Philthy Phil and Fast Eddie), and like the ‘Head, they keep their music lean and mean. Theirs is a brand of crusty, anti-authoritarian thrash metal, inspired by the likes of Satan’s Wrath, Celtic Frost, Discharge, Hellhammer and Power Trip. Their self-titled album features savagely raging metal tracks like “Yersina Pestis”, “Master Machine”, “Chosen Enemy”, “Absolved In Flames”, and “Herders of the Weak”.

The name Hallux means ‘big toe’ in Latin. As the band says “it is representative of what keeps us human and connected to this realm. No matter how much a person tries to transcend spiritually, their big toe remains buried in the mud.”

An added bonus for Hallux is its superb mixing courtesy of Joel Grind, a man who has a great future in front of him, not just as a musician but as a producer.

Overall, a fine effort.metal



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