Young Hunter – Dayhiker


Young Hunter has graced the world with their latest album titled Dayhiker. A dreamy, doomy desert rock album pulling inspiration from modern masters of the genre, and time machines back to the 70s. Dayhiker does what it pleases, while tickling the stoner metal system in your brain. The tracks make you question whether you are awake or dreaming as Young Hunter plays with tones, to trick the mind into questioning where it is.

The album starts in a 1970s dream with “The Shadow of the Serpent”. Psychedelic southern guitars riffs mixed with Heart style female vocals drives the album forward. The most classic sounding song shows off the talent of all the band members before the album takes a tumbles down a trippy rabbit hole of stoner metal delights. From fast to slow the album grinds into doomy and drone as “The Feast” stoic rhythms lull the mind into a trance.

Young Hunter also take a stab at matching the reigning kings of desert rock Queens of the Stone age with “Black Mass” and “Entered Apprentice”. The former giving off vibes of a slow-motion “God is in the Radio”, while the latter seems to be an homage to Songs for the Deaf era Queens while keeping with Young Hunter’s particular sound. These songs tell me that this band wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the genre.

Dayhiker is a robust and interesting album. The band shows what their made of with scorching solos, oppressive doomy ambience and a psychedelic soiree of genre mashing goodness. Young Hunter takes the sounds from all of these genres, meshing them into one cohesive album highlighting their original sound and style. Dayhiker is a great choice for when you can’t quite pick on genre.

Josh loves metal so much he writes about it sometimes.

8.0 Rating