Vantablack Warship – Abrasive Pulmonic Speak

Vantablack Warship continue to progress in leaps and bounds, and I could see them being a valuable addition to any quality metal label’s roster. Imagine Rush colliding with At The Gates, and you will have some idea of Vantablack’s sound, but really with each successive release they become more and more their own creation. Their song-writing has really progressed, its rage a reflection of the world we live in today. Vantablack’s musicianship is first class as always – the band continue to develop as musicians.

Vantablack Warship have the potential to be huge, be there at the beginning.

Upcoming shows:

April 14 – Sainte-Thérèse, QC – Monte Cristo
May 4 – Niagara Falls, ON – The Geekery Pub
May 5 – Toronto, ON – Coalition TO


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