UTERINE DERANGEMENT: the introduction

Just a few days ago I came across this tweet from History Lovers Club (@historylvrsclub) on Twitter: “This list of reasons for admission to a lunatic asylum in the 1800s reads like a list of potential metal band names.” The attached image (see below) provided the list.

If you click through to the original tweet and view the list in full, you’ll eventually find my favourite, the one I could see myself grabbing onto for my next death metal band: Uterine Derangement.

Now, I enjoy death metal, especially of the old school Swedish variety, but starting a death metal band is pretty low on my to do list. But the name Uterine Derangement hasn’t left my mind, and I’ve decided to put it to use anyway. And thus, I embark on a new metal column for Hellbound.ca: Uterine Derangement. Seems appropriate to launch it on International Women’s Day.

I have some ideas for what I’d like to say in this column but there’s much to be formulated. I have some wide-ranging plans. For today, the introductory entry in this column, I just want to give a couple of shout-outs.

First off, some gratitude: Thanks to History Lovers Club for the inspiration, and to Simon Springer (@AnarchistGeog) for bringing that tweet to my attention.

Next, some kudos: Congrats to Vile Creature on yesterday’s new release – Cast of Static and Smoke – and tour kick-off in Toronto. And respect to the bands and organizers of show number two in Montreal tonight for collecting donations for the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.

And, to wrap things up for now, a whole lotta love for CFMU 93.3FM, the campus-community radio treasure we have here in Hamilton, Ontario. I love tuning into the diverse content on CFMU, and co-hosting Kill Eat Exploit the Weak with Adam Wills is essential to my mental survival.

So when will the next installment of this column appear? What might it say? I guess you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to find out.

Laura is associate editor of Hellbound.ca and co-host of weekly metal show Kill Eat Exploit the Weak on CFMU 93.3 FM. She loves doom, prog, cats and basketball, believes in equity and social justice and is not cool with any form of discrimination, marginalization, harassment or oppression.