AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: Woodhawk/Mountain Dust/Hawkeyes/Low Orbit @ Bovine Sex Club, March 30, 2018

I was a pretty big fan of Beyond the Sun, the debut album from Calgary stoner rock trio Woodhawk, so when I heard they’d be coming out on a cross-country tour, I knew I’d be there with boots on. Good Friday brought a fistful of heavy rock outfits to the Bovine, where many an Old Style Pilsner was crushed during the proceedings.

Low Orbit has established its reputation as a reliable local opening act for touring stoner bands. These guys remain true to the desert rock sound, with several lyrical references to outer space…what more could you ask for?

The thing with Kitchener sextet Hawkeyes is that there are so many of them you can’t squeeze ’em all into one shot–especially with the bassist hiding along the backline. This instrumental outfit brings the Brian Jonestown Massacre to mind with their four-guitar attack, with perhaps a bit of Hawkwind and Dead Meadow thrown into the mix.

Montreal’s Mountain Dust is something you definitely don’t see every day–a heavy rock band with a full-fledged steel guitar/keyboard player, adding a spaghetti western sheen to their psychedelic sound. I can dig it till the cows come home!

Having never seen Woodhawk live before, I didn’t even realize they were just a three-piece…but they’ve got the stage presence of many more men. Their riff-heavy sound was only accentuated by their energetic live performance–these guys really give’r!




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