Genocide Pact – Order of Torment

Well what can I say, I had never heard of the Death Metal act Genocide Pact prior to the fine folks at Relapse Records sending me this gem of an album, and I’m super stoked they did. Order of Torment is due out on February 2nd on the aforementioned Relapse Records and it is a solid record start to finish.

Heavy downtuned guitars, deep…deep guttural vocals, and really intense thick grooves are a winning combination in my book, and Order of Torment is filled to the brim with all of those things. Now don’t get me wrong blast beat fans, this album also contains some really nice neck breaking speedy riffs and drumming as well. It’s a wonderful blend of what I like to refer to as “traditional” old school Death Metal.

With songs entitled “Conquered and Disposed”, “Spawn of Suffering”, and “Pain Reprisal” you know right away there isn’t going to be any mention of puppy dogs or rainbows on this album. The cover artwork alone is a thing of beauty, designed by legendary artist Joe Petagno (Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Autopsy) this record is 100% legit brutal. The curtains match the drapes as the saying goes.

When speaking to fellow Metalheads about new music I encounter people always ask the question “well, who they sound like?”, and I rather enjoy that question. If I had to try to explain who Genocide Pact sounded like, I would say they sound similar to Jungle Rot, Obituary with some Cannibal Corpse sprinkled in for good measure. Like my previous statement above, Order of Torment sounds like a classic/traditional Death Metal record with modern day production.

If you like steady dreadful sounding riffs (dreadful in a good way), heavy grooves and headbanging goodness, Genocide Pact’s Order of Torment will satisfy all your Death Metal needs.

Gene A. Gaona enjoys writing album reviews and conducting artist interviews for and Capital Chaos TV as well as taking in as many live metal shows as possible. He firmly believes there is nothing better in this world than his family, and great heavy metal.