ANNIHILATOR, EXCITER, RAZOR & SACRIFICE lined up for Calgary Metalfest

Calgary Metalfest 2016 poster

The fifth annual Calgary Metalfest takes place September 14-17, 2016, culminating in an arena show loaded with classic Canadian thrash. This might not be news to you – tickets went on sale back in May. But as the countdown ticks on, you might be due for a welcome reminder.

A kick-off party gets things going at Calgary’s Ship & Anchor on Wednesday, September 14. The Thursday show takes place at Distortion and features The Exalted Piledriver, making their first live appearance in Western Canada, with openers Crystal Mess, Savage Streets, Profits of Crime and Accostal.

Friday’s gig, at Dickens, features headliners Toxic Holocaust along with Disciples of Power, The Order of Chaos, Fornication, Black Pestilence and Concrete Funeral.

And finally, on Saturday, September 17, Annihilator, Exciter (the original line-up), Razor and Sacrifice will perform at Flames Central, together for the first time on a Canadian stage (according to festival info).

Sounds too good to miss…

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