Sonic Wolves – Before the End Comes

Before the End Comes album cover


This Italian outfit includes the drummer from Ufomammut, and a bassist who’s played with Joe Hasselvander, which gives me reason enough to check ‘em out. And yet, you won’t find any lengthy post-sludge epics on this one; the longest songs on Sonic Wolves‘ debut effort clock in just over six.

After a brief instrumental intro, which sounds like something from an Ennio Morricone soundtrack, it’s bombs away with “Geronimo,” a brief burst of downtuned doom rock that brings Toronto locals Nice Cat to mind, along with a couple nods to Pentagram. This outfit alternates between male and female vocals, which is kinda cool, except that the dude’s voice kinda reminds me of the B-52’s—and that ain’t doomy.

Speaking of local acts, the bass-wah-heavy intro to second track “Obscured” is pure Electric Magma, as they kick out the instro jams for a few minutes before descending into an alternating male/female chant—Magma mixed with OM. Hey, if you transported them to the Toronto stoner scene circa 2006, they’d fit right in!

“He Said” begins with some old-school blues, before they drop in a couple heavy, wah-laden riffs. Hell, this is somewhat akin to Sons of OTIS… I guess it’s a small world, after all.

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7.5 Rating