New Canadian metal releases: the May 2016 edition

It’s been over a month since our last Canuck metal roundup here at Hellbound, so it’s about time we recapped some more new Canadian metal releases. As always, feel free to comment to let us know of any releases we’ve missed. We’d also like to hear if you find this kind of roundup useful or not, and if there’s any part of it you could do without or any elements you’d like us to add.


8 April 2016

This is one we missed earlier in the year: “a voyage through the mind of a serial killer living his last few moments of life. An eclectic observation of mankind, self-destruction, and suffering.”


4 May 2016

“orchestrally-laden progressive power metal and tinges of melodic death metal”

Black Absinthe

Early Signs of Denial
13 May 2016

Hellbound premiered the album track “Winter” last month: You can now check out the whole release at Bandcamp:


Bringer of Drought
13 May 2016

“35 minutes of soul-reaping, doom-infused death”

Celestial Ruin

Pandora EP
20 May 2016

Postcard review:

Once again a self-release puts so many major label releases to shame. Firstly, the cover is really excellent. The production by Joost Van Der Broek is really superb. Soundwise, Celestial Ruin are definitely in the Nightwish and Within Temptation Camp, though they add a Canadian flavour to their European sound, and those are truly great epic keys! Larissa Dawn brings sincerity as well as vocal dynamics to the mix and all the band acquit themselves well. A band that truly could go places. (Steve Earles)

First Fragment

20 May 2016

“neoclassical-influenced tech death” featuring “guest appearances from current and former members of Spawn Of Possession, Obscura, Inferi, Augury, and Elderoth” and boasting “a fierce mix of over-the-top drum tirades, complex neoclassical-influenced guitar work, endless solos, Flamenco and clean guitar passages, proggy death metal bass work and a highly varied dual vocal approach”


27 May 2016

“geared up, charged and ready to attack with speedy heavy metal madness … holocaustic riffage, raw energy and dynamic female vocals”

Without Mercy

Mouichido EP
27 May 2016

“re-recorded material from ‘Reborn'” (their 2014 release) and “features Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter on their track ‘In Waves'”


(Aylmer, QC)
Endless Days (single)

“Endless Days” offers a preview of the album Inire is celebrating with a show this weekend in Montreal.

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