Helhorse – self-titled


Because in Denmark, it’s H-E-single-hockey-stick. This Copenhagen-based sextet includes two guitars and two singers, one of whom also plays the piano, apparently. But these are no sons of northern darkness—Helhorse‘s sound is more akin to the southern grooves of Down, Crowbar and Orange Goblin.

And this isn’t their debut, but rather their third album since 2011. Helhorse kicks off with a distorted stoner-rock riff, before the second guitar adds a cleaner tone and a mighty bellow begins opening track “Carry Your Own.” This tune has a strong Orange Goblin feel, both in terms of riffage and in the vocal department.

“Among the Wolves” has a nice, driving pace with the curious refrain of “Scream among your own goddamn kind!” On the other hand, “Fortune Favours the Bold” is a pretty decent power ballad with a solid, catchy chorus. (Think Rival Sons, but with a bit more heft.) This one could probably be played on modern rock radio, if such a thing still exists.

“The Blood Boiler” is about the closest this album comes to true southern doom, with a sludge ‘n roll attack that brings some of NOLA’s finest to mind, and a coupla winding Windstein riffs thrown in for good measure. “Raise the Black Flag” is more Alestorm than Rollins, a chugging mid-tempo sea shanty with an upbeat chorus that recalls the lost Calgarians of Verbal Deception. (Whatever happened to those guys, anyways?) “Haven Hell” hits almost as hard as Down’s “Losing All,” while “No Fucks Given” ends it all on a sullen note, another Down/Crowbar stomper, albeit with a bizarre spoken-word section.

With that said, you should probably give a few fucks about this band. Not too many, but maybe at least a couple.




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6.5 Rating