Gozu – Revival


Stoner rock is no stranger to silly song titles (“Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop,” anyone?), and Gozu has embraced this concept wholeheartedly. Revival, their third record, contains such fine tracks as “Nature Boy,” “Bubble Time,” “Lorenzo Llamas” and “By Mennen.” But alas, this album isn’t about soap operas and deodorant—the lyrics aren’t tied into the titles.

That said, this outfit is tougher than “Soldier” Jack Kelly. Revival revs up with “Nature Boy,” which is not a Primus cover, but rather a rollicking, fast-paced heavy rocker. They really push the tempo in some sections before dropping down for a chorus served low ‘n slow. “Bubble Time” stays slow for most of its duration, a solid, steady chug beneath a soaring grunge vocal, culminating in a lighter-raising chorus.

“Lorenzo Llamas” really means business, hitting us off the bat with a two-chord riff reminiscent of “War Pigs.” This song’s just about as long as the Sabbath classic, too—clocking in at 7:43. But there’s a little more meat to this one, the rhythm section dragging along a crunchy, doomy, stop-start riff. “Lorenzo” also shows his sensitive side in the sickly sweet vocal melodies that kinda remind me of the guy from Collective Soul.

“By Mennen” is a bass-heavy, sweat-stained bruiser, with a percussive verse leading into a supa-heavy chorus. They even throw in an A cappella part at the end! Hey, it’s no “Disco Related Injury,” but it’s still pretty painful. 😉



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7.5 Rating