Buffalo Theory MTL – Skeptic Knight EP


When it comes to Montreal metal, you definitely think of death-metal blastbeats more often than stoner/doom grooves. In fact, this outfit includes guys from bands like Ghoulunatics, Les Ékorchés and Arseniq 33, but they’ve been united by their love of Kyuss.

Skeptic Knight, the third recording from Buffalo Theory MTL, kicks off with a conspiracy; “Conspiracy in Paranoland” offers some solid stoner grooves, a chugging, mid-tempo number that kinda reminds me of Fu Manchu. “Punishment” has a pretty strong Down influence, with that mid-tempo, breakdown-heavy, semi-stoner thrash, and a chorus that leaves a bustle in your hedgerow.

“Get on It” probably wouldn’t sound outta place on an Ékorchés record, were it not for the English lyrics and lack of fiddle. The title track might the heaviest one they’ve ever done, with a Maryland-style intro leading into a buncha groovy breakdowns that would make Kirk Windstein proud. “Psychic Enclosure” features more terrific riffage, an equation that’s equal parts Kyuss and Prong. Nothing wrong with this at all!


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7.0 Rating