Wailin Storms – One Foot in the Flesh Grave


“Holy Danzig Homage, Batman!”

That was pretty much my first thought upon hearing the opening track of this Carolina quartet’s second record. “Don’t Forget the Sun” has plenty of that gloomy, gothic feel found on the few couple Danzig records—y’know, the good ones—with a pretty decent Evil Elvis impersonator, to boot!

“Ribcage Fireplace” has more of a post-punk feel, punctuated by pulsating percussion, while “Mystery Girl” is pretty much just plain punk, a post-modern twist on the Misfits. The intensity picks up with the less-than-Panteraesque “Walk” and uptempo twanger “Lost,” both with aggressive, shout-em-out choruses. “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” ends with a series of “Whoa-ohs” that would make Uncle Glenn proud, while “German Fur Tails” ends the album with another heavy helping of Danzig worship.

Hey, there are worse things Wailin Storm could worship, I suppose.


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6.5 Rating