The Lumberjack Feedback – Blackened Visions


This French instrumental outfit first got my attention with their two-song Hand of Glory EP in 2013—mostly because of their bitchin’ band name. The Lumberhack Feedback have put out a couple more EPs since, which I haven’t heard, but Blackened Visions is their full-fledged debut album, with six tracks spanning 45 minutes and change.

“No Cure (for the Fools)” kicks off with a great big burst of feedback, before easing into some mid-tempo, post-sludge riffage. This one’s kinda on the mopey side, as it lumbers and lingers for most of its runtime, with the exception of a few blackened, tremolo-picked riffs thrown in for the hell of it. The title track is a tad more mellow, easing in slowly amidst the sound of rainfall and thunder. This one has a slight ISIS feel to it, and the heavier riffs here hit you like a drone attack.

“Salvation” offers up some solid stop-start riffage off the bat, before sliding into some slower, slightly more sustained fare, not unlike a mic-less High on Fire. “Dra Till Helvete” is apparently Swedish for “Attract Hell,” but this airy, earthy composition is a little light on the hellfire and brimstone, despite a few doomy riffs.

While I wouldn’t say I miss the vocals here, I also don’t hear anything that really stands out.

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6.5 Rating