Pigs – Wronger


These Pigs have a pretty impressive noise-rock pedigree, featuring Dave Curran from Unsane on guitar/vocals, and a bassist/knob-twiddler (Andrew Schneider) who’s produced the likes of Unsane, Keelhaul and Converge. They put out a pretty decent EP the other year ahead of this, their second full-length release.

Right from the get-go, Wronger dishes out the distortion, with a screechy, ringing intro before “The Life in Pink” gets things started proper with plenty of downtuned riffs and garbled growls. “Bet it All on Black” is a more uptempo stomper that even echos High on Fire before dropping off the pace for a sludgy outtro, while “Amateur Hour in Dick City” has a bit more of a Georgia sludge vibe. As you can see, they’ve kept up the noise-rock tradition of singularly bizarre song titles (although Unsane’s tended to be more non-descript).

 “Mouth Dump” is a banjo-driven ditty bemoaning the state of education though selectively chosen sound clips, while “Bug Boy” adds some blackened, almost feminine-sounding vocals to a rather caustic mix. “Donnybrook” ends the album on a rather punishing note—all in all, it’s a pretty solid scrap.

(Solar Flare Records)


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7.5 Rating