Bleed – The Hatred Inside

Bleed are by all accounts a very theatrical band, in the tradition of Gwar or White Zombie, but all this would mean nothing if they didn’t have the tunes.

Thankfully they do. Their songs are both heavy and catchy, coming on at times as a cross between Alice Cooper and classic Overkill. In fact, this album has some of the best bass and drums playing since Overkill’s Taking Over (1987), Under The Influence (1988) and The Years of Decay (1989).

The guitars are superb as well, always serving the song with some great solos, and excellently named vocalist Robert Kreed has a powerful original voice.

It’s criminal these fellows aren’t signed to a label. If this album had come out in the days when people bought their music, Bleed would be up there with the Panteras of the world.


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