Witchsorrow – No Light Only Fire


That’s right kids, it’s another doom band with Witch in its name! They may not be playing Witchella next year, but Witchsorrow has done alright for themselves, with their third album dropping on Candlelight after a couple records with Rise Above. Their association with the latter label naturally brings comparisons to a band with Wizard in its name (not to be confused with the dozens of other Wizard doom outfits), but this effort would perhaps be more at home on Cruz del Sur. I definitely detect hints of Argus and AoS here.

The de facto title track, which leads this one off, gives off that power-doom vibe as it quickly picks up the pace after a lumbering intro. Vocals aren’t quite as proficient as Argus or Atlantean Kodex, but they’re sort of in the same vein—no death growls here! But nine-minute “The Martyr” slows things down to a Vitusean crawl, with riffs right out of Dave Chandler’s playbook, while “Made of the Void” is more Apostle of Solitude than Atlantean Kodex… which is not a bad thing, by any stretch.

Suffice to say that brevity is not the soul of witch, as a fistful of tunes on this platter exceed the 10-minute mark. But alas, true doom is a dish best served slow, and this witch brews a pretty decent batch!

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8.0 Rating