Best metal of 2014 – Collaborations

Collaborations between artists are never a sure-fire thing. While some releases can pool creatives together to create a piece that meshes well, there’s always Metallica and Lou Reed’s disastrous project to remind us that sometimes these mashups just don’t work.

Here, Hellbound contributors review some of the better collaborations that were released in 2014.

Esoteric Youth/Caïna, Split (Swarm Of Nails)

The exceedingly talented Andrew Curtis-Brignell partnered with Manchester band Esoteric Youth for a tremendous little split. Bridging black metal and hardcore, Esoteric Youth’s songs are vicious pieces of work, while Curtis-Brignell’s Caïna tracks continue his return to the raw black metal of old, primitively recorded and brilliantly executed, the slyly progressive arrangements reflecting his musical imagination. (Adrien Begrand)

Primitive Man/Fister split 12″ (A389 Recordings)

Primitive Man and Fister take turns working over the listener with a slow motion back alley beat down on this merciless split 12″ from A389. Hands down the most brutal record of 2014, regardless of format, size, subsubSUB-genre, etc. (Matthew Elliott)

Full Of Hell & Merzbow – Full of Hell & Merzbow (Profound Lore)

(Jay Gorania)

Forteresse/Chasse-Galerie/Monarque/Csejthe – Légendes (Sepulchral)

A split between four of the most incredible acts of today’s hurricane of Québec black metal offerings. Monarque / Forteresse / Csejthe / Chasse-Galerie – Légendes. (Danielle Griscti)

Locktender Split 7″ w/ Amber (Halo of Flies)

There are so many splits that were really good in 2014 but I’m gonna go with the Amber/Locktender split from Halo of Flies just to give it some more recognition. It served as my introduction to both bands. Amber’s track is loaded with pain and a determined pace whereas Locktender bring melody balanced against aggression through their conceptual art-based work. This split and both band’s other work is worth checking out. (Matt Hinch)

Hooded Menace/Loss – A View from the Rope (Abominate)

The 12 inch Split of Loss and Hooded Menace was a deadly slice of doomy deth metal for sure..all hail Doomentia  records. (Rob Kachluba)

Killer Be Killed – Self Titled (Nuclear Blast)

Is it a cheat to name a collaboration that took the form of a band? Oh well, regardless, my pick is Killer Be Killed, the project that brought together Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Dave Elitch (ex-The Mars Volta) and Troy Sanders (Mastodon). (Laura Wiebe)


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