Nunslaughter – Angelic Dread

If the review of the Spooky split with Acid Switch whetted your appetite for more Nunslaughter, read on…

Angelic Dread is Nunslaughter’s first full length in seven years and has been well worth the wait. It has a lot of excellent tracks and thus is great value for the money. The first disc consists fifteen brand new tracks, and the second disc has re-recorded tracks from various singles and splits. Opening with the title track, it’s apparent that not only is the riff king, but also the song-writing is top notch.

The sound is fantastic, sharp but always organic – no horrible modern metal productions here! “Emperor In Hell” proves this point, and catchy as hell, if you’ll pardon the pun! “Looking Into The Abyss has the same relentless attack found in fellow thashers, Aura Noir. “The Bog People is eerie and atmospheric (always beware ‘The Bog People’) and those time changes are excellent, making maximum use of the riff. “Inner Beast” is just great metal in whatever genre. “Shadow World” insists this world is DEAD, hell-hammering its point home with brutal intensity. “Doomtown” brings to mind a 21st century Venom (if they’d built on their huge potential instead of wasting it). “Phantom” is awesome, pure hellish headbanging intensity (if ever the right band was on the right label!). “Coffins and Crosses” has some doomy Pentragram influences but soon speeds up. “Driving Out The Demons reminds me of Darkthrone in terms of attitude and influence, and this can only be a good thing. Deathleham is wittily named and never flags. Ending with Cerebus,” this is one head rush of a record.

To conclude, I heartily recommend this record. Everything is as it should be – great songs, great music, great playing, great attitude. Great personality too – no faceless band here.

An outstanding release from an outstanding band, buy or FOAD!

(Hells Headbangers)

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