Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2014: who are the final combatants?

Neck of the Woods

Who are you and where are you from?

We are Neck of the Woods from Vancouver BC. Dave Carr and Travis Hein on guitars, Cam King on bass, Jeff Brown on Drums and Jeff Radomsky on vocal duty.

NOTW 2014What’s your niche?

NOTW is a dynamic metal band in terms of sound. Naturally we have heavy parts but we also have clean passages that give the listener a chance to reassemble their brain. It keeps things interesting. We also incorporate odd time signatures and dual guitar harmonies, riffs that are fun to play and make you want to rock out.

Why metal? What’s your favourite thing about the genre, the scene, the culture?

It’s no secret that some of the most proficient musicians play metal. The genre allows you to push yourself musically, technically, and become an overall better player while you’re at it. Also, everyone loves an intense live show! Currently in Vancouver, the scene is alive and well. Every Saturday night you can head to one of the usual venues and catch a rad show. You’ll run into your friends, other bands, promoters… it’s awesome. Everyone is supportive of one another and usually down for a couple beers too.

Who or what inspires you?

Musically, bands like Between the Buried and Me, Opeth and Animals as Leaders… bands that really push the envelope while doing whatever they want at the same time. Living in a beautiful place like BC helps too.

#1 motivation for competing in Wacken Metal Battle Canada?

Aside from the obvious, (shredding Germany) it was the chance for exposure. Our first show as only four months ago, we’re still a relatively new band. Making it to the finals has really helped us get our name out there.

Highlight of this year’s competition so far (besides getting to the finals)?

Playing two rad venues in Vancouver: round #4 at The Venue on Granville, and the Vancouver finals at The Rickshaw.

Best place to check out samples of your music?



Dave Carr (guitarist)

Laura Wiebe

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