Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2014: who are the final combatants?


Who are you and where are you from?

Stephen: WE ARE MUTANK! We’re a thrash happy accident waiting to happen based out of Montreal QC. First up is the metronomercy Ahmed “On Meds” Saad on drums. Next we’ve got the guitarded weirdo and rhythm guitarist du jour Steven “Steve-In” Breen. Can’t forget the head shredder who’ll turn you into a bed wetter Lee Whiskey. And I’m Stephen “Steve-out” Reynolds on the bass and vocals, and I’m kinda cool too.

MUTANK (photo by Mihaela Petrescu)

MUTANK (photo by Mihaela Petrescu)

What’s your niche?

We play thrash metal/crossover in the vein of D.R.I., Municipal Waste, Insanity Alert etc. but we often get compared to early Metallica and Slayer. Our signature is a fusion of the brutal with the fun. You can mosh, headbang, dance or just stand around looking tough when we play and no one will take issue. We also like to add a bit of stand-up comedy to our sets so people can have a laugh before they beat the crap our of each other.

Why metal? What’s your favourite thing about the genre, the scene, the culture?

I could probably spend all day answering this question. For me one of the main draws as a songwriter is the fact that metal is one of the only places you can really talk about anything, and there is still a lot left to say. As a fan I see a lot of bands being successful that I don’t think do the genre and the community justice and that’s something we intend to rectify. Also, this is what I’ve done since I was 12, it’s what I’m best at and it’s what I will always do no matter what the circumstance.

Who or what inspires you?

My best inspiration has always come when I’m in some extreme emotional state, whether it be euphoric or suicidal. It also tends to happen when I either hear music I absolutely love down to the last tiny detail (i.e. Rust in Peace) or when I hear music that infuriates me with its insolence (i.e. almost anything being played on top 40 radio). Either one makes me feel the need to sprint to my guitar and start putting a song together.

#1 motivation for competing in Wacken Metal Battle Canada?

It’s simple, we just want to play more shows. If they happen to be in other countries in front of a crap-ton of people, it’s all gravy!

Highlight of this year’s competition so far (besides getting to the finals)?

Just seeing the support among the bands and the fans, the good sportsmanship and the killer lineups that were put together due to the competition that we got to be a part of. We are a very new band – we’re only about a year old and to be given this opportunity, even just to play in the competition at all, is huge for us. Winning is nice too though.

Best place to check out samples of your music?

You can download our debut album M.E.C.H. Metal FOR FREE (feel free to donate) at mutankthrash.bandcamp.com.


— Stephen Reynolds (vocals/bass)


Laura Wiebe

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