Primitive Man/Hexis – split 10”


Here is something to ruin your day. The new split 10” from Denver’s Primitive Man and Copenhagen’s Hexis available from Halo of Flies. If this slice of wax was playing while you found out you won the lottery while having sex with a supermodel, you’d still want to hang a noose around your neck and disembowel yourself before the asphyxiation took hold. It’s that soul crushing.

The Primitive Man side is “When Getting High Is Not Enough.” Well, sometimes you gotta get low. I’m talking bowel-looseningly low. Primitive Man toss a few irons in the fire on this one. Monolithic doom cut with spine-tingling tremolos, a brooding bass line and terrifying guitars. The funereal pace is slow and deadly with a brief spasm of chaotic terror. The vocals are insanity incarnate. None more foul. It’s not a fell beast growling, the growling fells beasts. The track builds the listener up while also pounding them into the ground. It’s hard to explain how while the weight presses in, some power leaches through to imbue strength. However, the droning feedback ending will leave you drained.

Hexis counter that heaviosity with “Excrucio.” An ominous haze hangs over the track in the form of sinister buzzing guitars. Their pulverizing attack through blackened doom makes the skin crawl. There’s no room to breathe under the weight of their feedbacking drone either. Slavering vocals and coarse whispers feel like a permanent hostile takeover of sanity. Filth and death ooze from every pore with relentless terror. Hmm, terror and insanity seems to a common bond here. It feels like they’ve tweaked their nihilism a bit to fit the split but they do it very well.

That wax better be 180g to handle all the weight these two bands bring. It’s ungodly the way each of them can completely obliterate through pure sonic savagery. Primitive Man do so on Scorn, and Hexis on Abalam so this level of desecration was more than expected. Plus, they’ll be hitting the road together across North America this July and August. Show up, but find a place to hide.

(Halo of Flies)

Listen to the Primitive Man side HERE.

Listen to the Hexis side HERE.


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Keep up with all Matt's exploits on Twitter @Kingdomofnoise!

7.5 Rating