Cokegoat – Vessel


By Gruesome Greg

Truth be told, I was drawn to this Chicago sextet by their bizarre moniker, along with the promise there was doom to be found on this, their debut album.  I’d say that if anything, the band’s name suggests frantic, buzz saw black metal—as opposed to a handle like Weedeater or Bongzilla, which just ooze doom.

That said, the sludgy scream that opens the album quickly gives way to said buzz saw riffage.  Mind you, we do get some doomy downstrokes, complete with eerie keyboard screeches.  “Buried in the City” is more like what I was expecting, some downtuned stoner-doom deposits sticking to the walls of the creepy cave from which vomitus vocals spew forth like a horde of rabid bats.  “Dogs” comes barking in with a swampy bass riff, delivering it slow’n’low like Buzzoven or Coffins, albeit with a cybernetic chorus that sounds like two Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots fucking.

The super-sludgy suite “End of Your Life” delivers downtuned despondency in two parts, ahead of the blackened bashing of “Fly by Night, Pt 2.”  There is no “Fly by Night Pt. 1,” mind you, unless they mean the Rush song…

(Economy of Motion Records)

7.5 / 10

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