Witchfinder Radio Playlist For November 18th, 2013

Let’s see if we can’t turn over a new leaf and make this a regular thing (how many times have I said that now?)

Download the show here: http://luradio-server.lakeheadu.ca/2013/Witchfinder%20Radio/

(You want the files marked WR Nov 18-1 [through 6])

Death Toll Rising* – Scorched Earth Policy (Infection Legacy)
Dissension* – Set To Kill (Of Time And Chronic Disease)
Insurrection* – Sueurs Froides (Prototype)
Until Dawn* – The Red Sun Rises This Day (Horizon)
Trainwreck Architect* – Die Like A Legend (Traits of The Sick)

Breached* – Brighter Days (Left Behind)
All Else Fails* – La Demencia Violenta (Fucktropolis)
Tribune* – From Funeral To Funeral (Tales)
Chariots of the Gods* – Collapse of an Empire (Tides of War)
Unbeing* – Chuck Norris (Unbeing)

Interview With Anciients From November 2013 Pt 1
Anciients* – Raise the Sun (Heart of Oak)
Anciients* – Overthrone (Heart of Oak)
Interview With Anciients From November 2013 Pt 2
Anciients* – Falling in Line (Heart of Oak)

Anciients* – The Longest River (Heart of Oak)
Interview With Anciients From November 2013 Pt 3
Anciients* – One Foot in the Light (Heart of Oak)
Anciients* – Giants (Heart of Oak)

Anciients* – Faith and Oath (Heart of Oak)
Interview With Anciients From November 2013 Pt 4
Anciients* – Flood and Fire (Heart of Oak)
Anciients* – For Lisa (Heart of Oak)

Anciients* – Humanist (Snakebeard)
Anciients* – Built To Die (Snakebeard)
Fusskalt – The last ride
Fusskalt – Eleanor
Horisont – Brother (Time Warriors)

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