“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kyuss!”

Well OK, maybe I can.  But either way, Vista Chino put on a pretty solid set at The Phoenix last night.

In case you didn’t know (and judging by the sparse crowd in attendance, not many did), Vista Chino rose from the ashes of Kyuss Lives after they all started suing each other–well, Josh Homme started suing the others, anyways.  Sadly, this means that Kyuss Lives at Cherry Cola’s album will never see the light of day.  Ditto their cartoon show–and yes, that actually was a thing, but it’s since been removed from the internet.  Instead, we get a new album from Vista Chino, which I think is pretty good, but not great.

That being said, I thought the new stuff held up pretty well in the live setting.  They played six of the 10 tracks offa Peace, so pretty much everything except the interludes and lengthy outtro “Acidize/The Gambling Moose.”  Actually, I thought the latter was pretty much the most Kyussian part of that album–but hey, it is 13 minutes long, so there ya go.

“Adara” and “Dargona Dragona” made for a pretty tasty “One Inch Man” sandwich off the top, while “Sweet Remain,” “As You Wish” and “Dark and Lovely” blended in nicely with the bulk of the Sky Valley album.  Of course, they ended things off with the killer combo of “Thumb,” “Green Machine” and “Freedom Run,” although newbie “Planets 1&2” led off the encore.  I actually wasn’t aware that Brant sang on Part 1 until I saw him do so on stage…

Anyways, it seems that Bruno Fevery has played with Bjork and Garcia just about as long as Homme ever did, so he’s got the material down pat.  Meanwhile, Mike Dean of COC filled in on bass for the tour, and while he’s no Scott Reeder, he sure did his damnedest to look the part:

More photos here, if you’re interested.  Oh, and speaking of Reeder, didja know the dude’s in a band with the other Scott Reeder now?  No, really.  That pretty much blew my mind…



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