Free Fall – Power & Volume

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By Ola Mazzuca

Free Fall takes you back. Waaayyy back. Their style is so classic rock that you can almost smell leather jackets, hear the clickety clack of cowboy boots and envision swinging suede fringes from each garment. Even the photos inside the album sleeve are Ross Halfin-esque, reminiscent of Metallica’s humble beginnings through his lens. Power & Volume is humble in a sense that this is their debut release – on Nuclear Blast to boot. It’s an embodiment of classic tunes, in which the Stockholm natives have aptly named “freedom rock.”

Soft chords and twangy strings are the backbone for top-down Mustang cruise track “Free Fall,” which is an easy, ambitious, road trip tune with notes of Thin Lizzy. Kim Fransson’s distinct vocal sound shines on “Midnight Vulture.” His style is made up of puzzle pieces painted with portraits of Angus Young and Robert Plant. As he howls “Nobody’s gonna bring me down,” it’s a fierce track with foot stomping action, great percussion, solid bass work and simple yet fun guitar work by Mattias Bärjed.

The darker, toned down “Attila,” has a doomy tone and acts as great contrast for a mid-way piece. It pairs well with “World Domination,” which has hints of Zeppelin in every riff. As Power & Volume continues, it mirrors the sound of many classic rock progenitors that have inevitably shaped both the look and style of revival bands we see today. Closing track “Meat” proves that although their approach isn’t anything innovative, its not monotonous. The song is as rich as its title, filled with simple, yet clean technique, a catchy melody and fun vibe.

There’s no harsh criticism on Free Fall’s evident puzzle piece method of writing tunes with borrowed elements from childhood favourites. Power & Volume is a tribute sans cover tracks. Don’t go looking for unearthed sounds, but soak up sonic nostalgia, for this band is honoring the greats.

(Nuclear Blast)


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