Craft beer, gluten-free food and heavy psych… We’re gonna GITR done tonight!

Because it’s totally awesome when a heavy-psych trio’s acronym sounds like something outta the mouth of Larry the Cable Guy, local instrumentalists Galaxies in the River (aka GITR) are having their CD release party tonight at Monarch Tavern.

Been a fan of these guys ever since they added me on Myspace (haha) waaaaay back in the day, and I went “Holy shit, where did this come from!?”  A perfect medley of low desert rock and vintage 70’s jams, these guys don’t even need a singer to sound amazing.  Their live sets have also been known to feature a light show and scantily-clad women rolling around in paint–although I don’t suppose there’ll be any of the latter this evening.  That said, the Monarch Tavern could probably use a new paint-job…

While it’s not a regular spot for gigs, the Monarch is actually a pretty decent bar, mind you.  Forget Molson Canadian and “real man’s beer,” Coors Light–they pour the likes of Left Field Oatmeal Brown Ale, Oast House Hefeweizen and Denison’s Weissbier instead.  No, really.  And hey, the food’s not bad, either.

Did I mention that Blizaro is also on the bill?  The horror-soundtrack enthusiasts will be making their way up from Rochester Rock City for another one of their semi-occasional gigs in The Big Smoke.  This band nearly blew Blood Ceremony away at the latter’s CD release party–and as a big BC fan, I don’t say that lightly–so they are certainly worth the price of admission alone.  But hey, stick around for GITR, eh?

Galaxies in the River, Blizaro, On the Verge @ Monarch Tavern, 12 Clinton St (south of College), TONIGHT.  Doors @ 8, first band @ 9.  $10.



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