Orange Goblin – A Eulogy for the Fans


By Gruesome Greg

One would assume that when sending out promos for this live CD/DVD, the label and/or its PR team might think to include the video as well as the audio—but that’s sadly not the case. I suppose it’s somewhat more difficult to send digital DVD promos, but I digress…

What we have here, on the audio portion, is the band’s hour-long set from last year’s Bloodstock Open Air, one which draws heavily from the similarly titled studio album—albeit not too heavily, with just four of the twelve tracks culled from their latest record. We’re also treated to such chestnuts as “Blue Snow” and the title track from sophomore effort Time Travelling Blues and the one-two punch of “Scorpionica” and “Quincy the Pigboy” off of 2000’s The Big Black.

“We’re Orange Fuckin’ Goblin, we’ve come to play you some heavy metal!” Ben Ward gives us his best Lemmy off the top, leading into “Red Tide Rising,” the fans’ eulogy commencing in much the same fashion as that of the damned. The record sorta comes off like a Motorhead set in its not-overly-polished, warts-and-all approach—which suits this blend of dirty, heavy rock just fine, mind you. “Time Travelling Blues” is dedicated to “every single one of you,” the band engaging in typical festival banter (“It’s a fuckin’ honour to be here,” etc) between songs. There’s even a Cockneyed “Goblin, Goblin” chant from the crowd on a couple occasions…

Man, I dunno if they’ll get a full hour when they open for Clutch on these shores, but this seems like a pretty decent precursor of things to come. 😉

(Candlelight USA)


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