Orange Goblin


OK, it’s been a little while since I’ve done any blogging around here, but I wanted to put my year-end top 10 lists some place for posterity–and where people would actually read ’em. Lemme just say that 2014 was the craziest year in recent memory for me, and if I ever start making movies about my life, this’ll be where I begin. And hey, if nothing else, it’s bound to have a bitchin’ soundtrack…


Clutch / Orange Goblin / Lionize / Scorpion Child @ Sound Academy, Toronto ON, April 18, 2013

Hellbound Metal: “As Clutch tore into a blistering rendition of “Crucial Velocity” off of this year’s excellent album Earth Rocker, the crowd began its metamorphosis into one singular entity; a living, breathing cyclone of energy. For the next 90 minutes Neil commanded the stage like a preacher gone mad, pointing his fingers wildly in the air while delivering lines about who stole his rock and roll in a sermon-like fashion.”

Live review by Renee Trotier, concert photos by Albert Mansour.