My patriotic punk/metal Olympic playlist

Well, unlike Vancouver 2010, I can’t truly say that I’m sick of our national anthem by now–Canada’s only won one gold medal this time around.  But that said, while watching some exciting Olympic action, I still prefer to have the following blasting in the background…

Dayglo Abortions – Proud to be a Canadian

Nothing fills me with Canadian pride like this two-minute punk song from Victoria’s Dayglo Abortions.  Although, sometimes to mix things up, I put on the Fuck the Facts version with the Strange Brew samples instead…

PATRIOTIC PROSE: “Our prime minister sucks dogshit through his nose/His ex-wife gets brown showers from Mick Jagger”

Subhumans – Oh Canaduh

The perfect soundtrack to another fourth place finish or bronze-medal match loss.  Oh Canada–what’s wrong with you!?

PATRIOTIC PROSE: “You spent all your money on a lot of useless toys/You’re so fucking dumb you stupid cowboys”

Mononc’ Serge et Anonymus – Mourir pour le Canada

With most of Canada’s medals coming from Quebecois athletes in the first week of the Games, I had to find something in la langue de Parizeau that reflected the desire to go to war and die for Canada.  Wait, you mean Mononc’ Serge is a separatist and this song is satirical!?  Oh shit…

PATRIOTIC PROSE: “Comme le castor vaillant qui construit son barrage/ou l’orignal parlant couramment deux langages/me monte à la gorge un sanglot de joie/tant je veux mourir pour le Canada!”

Helix – Rock You

Best.  Canadian.  Jock Jam.  Evar!!!!!




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