Harangue – Feeding The Wolf EP

By Matt Hinch

As a writer I am supposed to be objective and unbiased. But I can’t deny that I am in fact biased in favour of the metallic hardcore stylings of Toronto’s Harangue. See, I’ve been good buddies with vocalist Michael Kopko since the turn of the century (it sounds like a really long time when I phrase it that way). He was at my wedding! But, there’s no bias necessary to get caught up in the two tracks that comprise the band’s Feeding The Wolf mini-EP. “Harangue” and “Dear Friend” were originally slated for inclusion in a 6-song EP. That plan was curtailed when the band lost their guitarist, Chris Doucette. Harangue decided to release the tracks they had recorded with Doucette anyway and recruited not one, but two new guitarists by the names of David Caporale and Danny Panzini. The now quintet is rounded out by bassist Jules Parriz and drummer Selvin Cunningham.

As an introduction to the band, the two tracks are an intense six minutes. In that short time, Harangue demonstrate a multi-faceted approach to their songcraft. Abrupt yet timely transitions from hardcore chug to frenetic freakout riffs or absolute slamming breakdowns betrays any notions of this outfit being a one-trick pony. Harangue manages to pull this all off with a swagger and bounce that’s sure to incite its fair share of friendly, pit-fuelled violence. If Harangue is able to display this much diversity with only one guitarist, having two should seriously up the ante on their potential for turning heads. Kopko’s vocals have a raw, desiccated quality that will have you clamoring for a glass of water. But I’d recommend something a little stiffer to match the abrasiveness. He delivers his vitriolic discourse with all the intensity befitting the visceral nature of the human emotions of which he speaks. The sun is just beginning to rise on the career of the band but Harangue is racing towards the horizon with enthusiastic vigor.

Harangue is set to perform three new songs when they open for the influential Earth Crisis at Hard Luck Bar in Toronto tomorrow, Saturday, August 4th. The band plans to release more material with the new lineup sometime later this month on an EP tentatively titled Battle Not With Monsters.

But, if I may paraphrase Levar Burton, “you don’t have to take my word for it”, check it out yourself FREE at:


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