So, Toronto finally gets to see a Ghost gig this Sunday!

I gotta say, I was one of those people who bought in to the last Enslaved tour simply to see Ghost, and sold my ticket when they dropped off the bill.  Never really got into Enslaved–nor I am the biggest Ghost fan, for that matter–but in this case, I think the spectacle is worth the 15-dollar price of admission.

This time, the Swedish miscreants musta put their real names on their visas, so somebody at the embassy actually knows who they are.  (Apparently, they had troubles last year when they listed their band members as ?, ?? and ???…)  Mind you, most people in the know have some idea already, but I digress.  On this jaunt, they’re bringing their Rise Above label mates Blood Ceremony on the latter’s first North American tour–along with some hippy-dippy band named Ancient VVisdom (yes, two capital V’s!) from Texas.  I’ve seen the pictures, and they ain’t pretty.

In any case, I’ll be there with bells on tomorrow.  Debating whether to skip the openers as BC doesn’t go on till nearly 9, but at the same time, I don’t wanna be stuck at the back of the venue.  I heard the lineup in NYC went all the way around the block, so I might hafta skip the NFC championship in that case.

Eli Manning, don’t fail me now…

I’m also counting down the TOP 10 SATANIC/OCCULT ROCK/METAL BANDS/ARTISTS this week on Gruesome Views.  Ghost and Blood Ceremony both figure on said list, and I’ll be revealing the Top Two this weekend.  Check out the countdown here.



Ghost, Blood Ceremony, Ancient Wisdom @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, 722 College St, Sunday, January 22nd.  Doors @ 7, First band @ 8.  $15 advance.

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