Didn’t get that Reverend Bizarre backpatch you wanted for Christmas? Well, this draw’s for you!

Aaron Rodgers and Miller Light aren’t the only good things to come outta Wisconsin.  Well okay, I’m not a fan of either.  But the state is home to Kenosha’s Days of the Doomed fest, which is holding its second annual edition in the summertime.  This year, in order to raise funds, they’ve put together a massive raffle–now that, I can dig.

Tickets are now on sale online for the RAFFLE OF DOOM, running up till the end of March.  You won’t get this kinda haul from your local record store, that’s for sure.  Here, see for yourself

This isn’t some lame office draw where they expect you to pay 20 bucks for the chance to win Leafs tickets, either.  Entry is just five bones, bro!  And I wasn’t kidding about that RB backpatch…

Alas, the timing of last year’s fest didn’t work out for me, but I’m gonna try to get my ass down to the Cheesehead state for this one.  Anybody wanna give me a lift?  I’ll reward ya with whatever stuff I’ve already got once I win this thing… 😉



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