Panzerfaust – Ephphatha EP

By Lauren Leuschner

Canada’s own Panzerfaust return with their second EP (and fourth release overall) entitled Ephphatha.

Since forming in 2005 by Kaizer(guitar/vocals) and Lord Baphomet(drums), Panzerfaust have annihilated the Canadian black metal scene. They have released two full length albums (The Winds Will Lead Us… and The Dark Age of Militant Paganism) as well as their first EP (Bythos- Proarkhe). Some notable acts that they have shared the stage with include; Mayhem, Immortal, Watain, Nargaroth and Behemoth.

Due to line-up changes in the band (a new bassist) along with other issues they had to deal with, Ephphatha took almost three years to be completed. For this record, Panzerfaust introduced Kaizer’s vocals into the mix, contributing to the change of the dimension of their sound. Also, earlier this month Panzerfaust introduced Mike Dorosz to their lineup as a second guitar player (although he does not play on this EP).

As I have been aware of Panzerfaust for a couple of years now, this is actually this first time I really opened up my ears to their music. I discovered that the more I listen to this EP, the more difficult I am finding it to resist headbanging (something I don’t normally do). The second track “Holy Living, Holy Dying” and “The Apple of Infinite Knowledge” seem to be the tracks that stick in my head the most. If you are a fan of Mayhem, Immortal, Darkthrone, Emperor, or even a fan of post-Norwegian Black Metal (Dark Funeral, Nargaroth) then this would be a record worth picking up.

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